Minds Eye, gouache and ink on paper, 10" x 9" 2014.

Flag Flung High, gouache and ink on paper, 9.5" x 10" 2014.

Longitude, Latitude, gouache and ink on paper, 8" x 8" 2014.

Tip Toe, gouache on panel, 10" x 6.5" 2014.

New Moon Rising, gouache on panel, 10" x 6.5" 2014.

Washed Up, Washed Out, gouache on panel, 10" x 6.5" 2013.

When an image is uploaded to social media, the subject relinquishes control over how and for what purpose their picture is used. Our compulsive sharing of day-to-day experiences through these images means almost anyone can potentially find oneself in a doctored picture. In this series the haphazard uploader is not depicted in their intended surroundings, but in surreal worlds unbound by daily conventions. These small works subvert the poster’s intention, replacing them with scenes that demonstrate the malleable nature of public images.