Doorway IV, gouache and ink on paper, 10" x 6" 2014.

Doorway V, gouache and ink on paper, 10" x 7" 2014.

Doorway III, gouache and ink on paper, 10" x 5" 2014.

Doorway VI, gouache and ink on paper, 10" x 9" 2014.

House of Mirrors, gouache and ink on paper, 7" x 3" 2015. 

Over our seemingly long history, humanity has circumnavigated the globe, submerged to the deepest depths of the planets and oceans, and built tools that allow us to probe the farthest boarders of our solar system. In the context of a universe, whose age is measured in many billions of years, the entirety of human development is little more than a passing moment.

In this series, two snapshots out of the vast expanse of time are brought face-to-face by the opening of a door. Through each doorway, past and future mingle, illustrating how the actions of one moment have bearing on events far into the future. Each work is a depiction of a single scene as it exists in two separate times; some open into changes that have occurred from one season to the next, while others portray the evolution of landscapes over millennia.